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    What will it take to get you into this rhino anus today?

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    Album: Hocus Pocus

    Track: I Put a Spell on You
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    So in honor of it FINALLY being october 

    (no idea where the gifs came from tell me and ill happily add credit)

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    The blackest bird there ever was. It’s black on the outside from head to toe, and black on the inside with its meat and organs.

    It’s called the Ayam Cemani from Indonesia, and they’re $2,500 a pop. Their bones are black, too. The only part of them that’s not black is their blood 

    That’s metal.

    The biggest, blackest cock

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    Michael's creative insults in Rage Quit videos
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    ,OH no  
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    This is a stream of consciousness vlog, which means I’m gonna talk about what’s in my brain. Hey, that’s worth your 0 dollars of entertainment, right? To the moon!… If it exists.

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    i always see advice to artists from abled guys thats like “draw every day even on the days where you feel totally uninspired and like you cant even pick up a pencil” and i actually think that advice sucks and is terrible because some of us will spiral out of control into horrible depressive episodes if we force ourselves to draw on days where we feel terrible and end up with something less than spectacular so my advice to artists is “take breaks and love yourselves”

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    hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

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    "Achieving success later on in life is probably the greatest gift I could have been given, to have been recognized for what I was recognized for. That’s where luck played a huge role in my career, and I’m very thankful and blessed for that."