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    What will it take to get you into this rhino anus today?

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    ,I'm great at boats   • Deadpool  
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    But let’s get something straight: a community pushing back against a murderous police force that is terrorizing them is not a “riot”. It’s an uprising. It’s a rebellion. It’s a community saying We can’t take this anymore. We won’t take it. It’s people who have been dehumanized to the point of rightful rage. And it happens all over the world. Uprisings and rebellions are necessary and inevitable, locally and globally. This is not to say that actual riots don’t happen. White folks riot at sporting events, for example. Riots happen. But people rising up in righteous anger and rage in the face of oppression should not be dismissed as simply a “riot”.

    Don’t be distracted by terms like “rioting”. Whether you’re for or against uprising and rebellion (side-eye if you’re against it, though), it’s a tool, not the issue itself. The issue is yet another Black teenager murdered by police. His name was Mike Brown.
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    For who could ever learn to love a beast?
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    Best political cartoons

    Sources: Nick Anderson [x] Andy Marlette [x] Dave Granlund [x] Clay Bennett [x

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    “…when you’re looking at live footage of a city in your country where people are being ASSAULTED by the police - side with the people.”

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    one of the best hypothetical questions i have ever heard (source)